Holistic Skin Care Courses

I am excited to extend all of my knowledge to you. As a holistic esthetician who has practiced for many years, I love educating people. I want to empower you with these courses to bridge the gap between nutrition and skincare.

These courses will be activated by the end of this year. Please comment which course you would take down below.


  1. What are some triggers of Rosacea?
  2. Learn about why gut health and allergies are connected.
  3. What ingredients help soothe Rosacea?
  4. What labs can your doctor run to get to the root cause?
  5. Loving yourself mantras.


  1. Why everyone needs sunscreen.
  2. Root causes of hyperpigmentation.
  3. What ingredients help with hyperpigmentation?
  4. What makes hyperpigmentation worse?
  5. Loving yourself mantras.


  1. What are the triggers of hormonal acne?
  2. What hormones lead to acne?
  3. What ingredients help with stubborn acne?
  4. What ingredients should you stay away from?
  5. Loving yourself mantras.

Premature Aging

  1. Ingredients that you need at different stages of aging.
  2. What treatment is right for each type of aging?
  3. How to read products and know you are getting your money’s worth.
  4. Non-invasive techniques.

Let’s build something great together.