A Poem: When a Healer’s Light is Lost.

A Poem about a healer that lost their way:

A bright light that’s directionless

Blinds the eyes.

It bounces off of walls

It lurks in the shadows.

It gives people vision and then takes it away.

The light mopes around in the darkness

Unaware of the others behind.

It misses the sunrise and is addicted to darkness.

It reflects off the ground

It doesn’t aim upwards

It dims out quickly.

The darkness is where it wants to stay.

Beyond the cave is a vast light that shines in the sky.

Yet the light in the sky is more powerful

It is more powerful up high

No matter if storms arise or clouds cover.

It is confident in his vastness.

It is not alone.

It calls to the shadowy cave

The beams of light reach into the darkness.

The people see a way out.

The light peers around the corner, feeling the warmth.

The warmth touches the walls and the light expands.

The sound of running water is heard from a distance.

The trees are vast, green, and expansive.

They create canopies above the people playing in the water.

Pure joy as they float on by.

They live in harmony with the light.

Here the light does not blind people.

It is accepted.

It expands all living beings and helps create.

It is not alone here.

It can come out.

So expand your light!

Show everyone the way

The way out of this cave

They are counting on you

You have been bouncing off the walls for too long and making yourself small

It is time to take your place as a high priestess and claim your throne up in the sky.

Your light is united

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