Why Scrubs are Bad for Acne Prone Skin.

Have you ever gotten a zit and reached for the scrub and then the spot treatment? The next day it probably looks more inflamed and there is another one that popped up next to it. That’s because there is already inflammation in the hair follicle where the bacteria resides, you are surfacing it by scrubbing away. In addition to friction being an acne trigger, you are also disturbing the skin barrier. If you are getting common breakouts, that means your skin barrier is already compromised.

What do you do instead?

For cystic based acne, I love using a cream cleanser. Spend a minute thoroughly washing your face. Go from the middle of your face and then out towards the sides where your ears are. Behind your ears and down your neck are your lymph nodes, you want to think of draining that bacteria.

Next, put your targeted serum on your skin or a pimple patch.

Lastly, follow up with a water based moisturizer. It is so important to put on moisturizer when experiencing breakouts. I can’t tell you how many clients come in with very dry skin and breakouts all over their face. Their face is not oil dry, it is water dry.

Lifestyle habits:

Make sure you are washing your pillow cases weekly.

Wipe down your phone screens.

Don’t pick at your face.

Drink half your body weight in water in ounces.

Aim for less than 8 grams of refined sugar each meal.

Know your triggers. Dairy, gluten, sugar, and alcohol can be big ones.

Work on your gut health. The skin and the gut are connected.

Want to learn more about how to test for your triggers and fix your gut health?

Ways to detox your lymphatic system so you stop getting so many breakouts?

Follow this page for an upcoming class on healing acne from the inside out.

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