Have a Painful UTI? D-Mannose can Help. No, I don’t mean that Jar of Mayonnaise that’s sitting in your Fridge.

What is D-Mannose? 

D-Mannose is a simple sugar that is produced in your body from glucose.  It has been said to prevent e.coli bacteria from sticking to the uterine walls. 

What is D-Mannose and can it help UTIs? 

Let’s learn more about this simple sugar that does not spike blood sugar. 

Interesting facts about D-mannose:

  1. It is a diuretic, which helps your system flush out the infection. 
  2. It is a prebiotic, which provides food for probiotics. This can help keep the microbiome in balance. 
  3. D-mannose gets filtered through the kidney and gets released directly into the bloodstream. What this means is, it will not spike blood sugar. So it is still safe for diabetic types or those who deal with insulin resistance. 
  4. Some studies have shown that it can raise blood sugar in hypoglycemic individuals. 
  5. Combining D-mannose with clean filtered water would elicit healing in the water element. The kidneys and urinary bladder work together simultaneously within this element and this sugar molecule is filtered out through the kidneys and into the urinary bladder. 
  6. Because the associated fluid of the water element is urine, as that becomes healthier it can then improve the kidneys. 
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How can it prevent bacteria from establishing colonies in the urinary tract? 

After D-mannose is filtered through the kidneys, it’s receptors act as a protective layer to line the urinary tract. The receptors then glue themselves to the bacteria E.coli and then it’s flushed out when we urinate.  

D-Mannose: A Sugar to Prevent Recurrent UTIs? 

Foods that contain some D-mannose:

D-mannose: Benefits and risks for people with diabetes 

  1. Apples
  2. Cranberries 
  3. Peaches
  4. Mangoes 
  5. Aloe vera
  6. Seaweed

 How effective do I feel that D-Mannose is for improving Urinary Tract Infections?

After researching more about D-mannose, I think it is effective for urinary tract infections because of its ability to bind to E.coli and flush it out of the system. I love how it is a safer option for those with diabetes. The standard recommendation is to drink a ton of cranberry juice or apple juice. This could spike blood sugar to dangerous levels. Since this is filtered out through the kidneys and does not enter the bloodstream, it bypasses that potential issue. An added bonus is that it avoids the use of antibiotics, which can destroy all the bacteria in the gut, including the good ones.

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