Guilt, Anger, and Shame Does not Care about your Organic Food.

I write a lot about herbs and healthy foods but the truth is our emotions outweigh everything we put in our body.

I recently had to quit a job that was making me sick. This last month was the worst menstrual cycle I had experienced in years. My ovarian cyst was throbbing, my flow was heavy, and my mood swings were outrageous. But to the outsider, that doesn’t make any sense. I quit alcohol almost two months ago, I eat mostly an organic diet, meditate, and take my supplements. To the sceptic they would probably poke fun at my lifestyle and use it to point out how all that stuff doesn’t work. They would probably say, maybe you need some bread or some ice cream. Chill out a little, you worry too much.

Sensitivity is not a bad thing, it’s just not as accepted in the workplace.

The truth is, my job filled me with rage and there was no way I was going to eat or meditate that away.

Meditation has never worked for me when I’m rage fueled. I need to scream into a pillow, go run or talk it out to a trusted person. My poor boyfriend has been on the receiving end of my venting many times. Journaling is not enough either. Those are where the sad emotions go. Give me a phone book to rip up or a rage room. There is no shame in anger. We just have to know how to channel it.

So anyway, back to my horrible job story:

I loved my clients but I was lied to about how my pay was set up. I was angry and full of guilt for not having more fight in me. But, I walked out after a 7 percent tip on a $270.00 service. This was after getting $250.00 paychecks a week. I was working around 32 hours a week. That means I was not getting my commission at all for about a month. Sure, some weeks were much higher than that but I was angry because I felt like all my hard work was unappreciated. It sucked to burn a bridge, but the corporation was a poison ivy bridge with a hamster wheel attached to it.

Back to why emotions do not care about the food you eat:

The more stress I have the more my body breaks down. Why is this? Because, emotions create acidic cellular environments. There is good stress and bad stress. The bad stress is what puts our body into fight or flight mode. When our body is in fight or flight mode we cannot accelerate in life. We are stuck in survival mode.

Therefore our immune system weakens, our digestion is upset, and we become ill. This is why mental health is so important. It can destroy all your hard work. It does not care about anything else. It’s like an earthquake in a pristine home. The earthquake does not care about your decorations. It wants to shake things up.

This is why I stress so hard to feel the emotions and not to bottle them up. Think about the cracks that these powerful emotions will start to cause?

This is why in holistic nutrition we talk about meditating, working out, going for walks, or going to see a therapist.

Because a good nutritionist knows that you cannot heal when you are in an internal prison of emotions.

It is so important to feel the emotions. But if the same negative emotions become a pattern and there is a trigger you can change. Change it. It’s not worth the reactivation of your autoimmune issue or a potential heart attack.

If you are going through a ton of stress right now, find the ways that work for you to manage it.

Sending you all a big hug. Life can be stressful but you are not alone. Keep healing and don’t let anyone take your power away. You are here to learn and grow. Not to build someone else’s dream.

Do what lights you up and treat your body like the temple it is.

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