Are you so Burnt out that Coffee Doesn’t even Work Anymore?

You are not alone in feeling like this. Between the rising costs of living and having to go full force into working again, we all are feeling exhausted. Luckily there is a herb out there that protects your adrenals so you don’t have to rely so heavily on caffeine. I still love coffee but after the second cup, the jitters are not worth it.

So how can siberian ginseng help and what is Siberian ginseng? 

This small woody shrub also known as, eleuthero, belongs in a category of adaptogens. What does adaptogen mean? Plants that restore our bodies and bring it back into balance.

So, when we talk about restoring balance, how does it do that? It can help your body handle stress by regulating the endocrine, nervous system, and immune system. Also, if our adrenals are vulnerable and depleted from adrenal fatigue, this woody shrub can protect the adrenals from being overused.

What are some interesting insights about Eleuthero?

1. Natural Stimulant 

It can be a substitute for caffeine if you crave that stimulant but can not handle the crash after coffee. This provides that edge without the burn out. 

2. It regulates our HPA Axis

It can regulate the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal-Axis. This includes the endocrine, nervous and immune system. Preventing potential burn out or balancing out an out of whack thyroid. 

3. It can help keep you mentally sharp

 It has been known to boost cognition, something that can be beneficial      for those who suffer from a sluggish thyroid. Hypothyroidism can lead to brain fog for many people. 

     4. It can improve sleep quality

Sleep quality is extremely important when struggling with adrenal fatigue and this can help you get deeper rest, and wake up more refreshed. 

5. Siberian Ginseng is connected to the water element in the five element perspective

According to the five element perspective, this root or herb can protect and heal the adrenal gland. 

6. It is an immune system booster

Within the gold element of the 5 element perspective, you have the immune system as being associated with the Thyroid gland. You can improve the thyroid through strengthening the immune system.

How effective do I think Eleuthero is for improving adrenal fatigue? 

I think it is effective for improving adrenal fatigue because it can improve sleep quality and increase energy without depleting you after. With adrenal fatigue it is challenging to wake up without feeling exhausted. This could help give your body the energy it needs to function without the crash from caffeine. 

After reading this blog post, what are your thoughts? Is Siberian ginseng something you would incorporate into your routine if you were struggling with a sluggish thyroid or adrenal fatigue? I have used this when dealing with burnout. It elevated my mood and helped me flow better through my day. The best part was I avoided the shaky feeling I often get from coffee and the mid day headache that follows. 


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