Enzymes, the Pac Men of the Digestive System.


They do so much more than just break down your Food. 

Probotic and prebiotic have been gaining a lot more popularity lately. But, what about enzymes? I am sure many of you have heard that if you are lactose intolerant you lack certain enzymes that break the milk protein down. But, did you know that enzymes can have therapeutic effects? They are sensitive to their environments but highly effective when used correctly. 

What are enzymes? 

I like to refer to enzymes like little pac men, because they chomp up our nutrients for us. Especially when it comes to our digestive system. The enzymes gobble up our carbs, proteins and fats. Every living thing on this planet has enzymes. They can build things up or break them down.  Let’s dive a little deeper with five insights about enzymes. 

  1. Without enzymes, there would be no wine, cheese or bread. Enzymes help ferment and transform those items into the indulgences we know today. 
  1.  Enzymes are sensitive to their environment. Did you know that enzymes need the proper alkalinity and acidity to work? That’s why if there is not enough stomach acid, the enzyme pepsin can not break down protein properly. 
  1.  Statins can raise liver and muscle enzymes. This causes the enzymes to over produce and can lead to damage of the liver and muscles. 
  1.  They are finding success in enzyme therapy. These enzymes are able to restore the body back into its natural harmonious balances. Studies have shown it to be successful with treating cancer, joint problems and cardiovascular disease. 
  1.  When you want to use enzymes to help with your digestion, it is best to take them within five minutes before or after you start eating. If you forget to do that, it can be taken while eating or thirty minutes after your meal. 

After reading up on enzymes, I am looking forward to seeing what discoveries they make when it comes to enzyme therapy. It also makes me reflect on how important it is to monitor not only your microbiome balance, but your acidity levels in your stomach. It reinforces why I should not reach for that cold sparkling water with my meal. We do not want to put out the stomach fire until thirty minutes before or after our meal. The enzymes need acidity to work. 

What are your thoughts? What type of hot beverage do you love that you could add with your meal instead of a cold beverage? 




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