How a Happy Gut can lead to a Healthier Life

Probiotics seem to be gaining more attention lately as we are learning more about the connection between our digestive system and the immune system. We have learned that there is a whole universe living within us. What is that universe? It is the bacteria in our digestive system and throughout our entire bodies. Our bodies are filled with a multitude of bacteria that can either help us flourish or pull us into misery. Ingesting more good bacteria can help us triumph over the dreadful bacteria. A large percentage of our immune system, around 60-70% is in our stomach, so let’s learn about how probiotics can keep us healthy.   

A lot of us have read about probiotics and you may be asking yourself:

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are foods or supplements that contain live bacteria or yeast to assist our gut in growing good bacteria. Probiotics can also assist us in absorbing our nutrients better and with the breakdown of our food.

Now that we know what they are let’s learn more about them:

What are five Insights about Probiotics and their role in energetic digestive function?

  1.  If you weigh all the probiotics in our body, it weighs more than our brains!
  •  Probiotics are found throughout our entire bodies, not just in our large intestines.
  • Eating foods rich in probiotics can protect the stomach from IBS, Ulcerative colitis, and celiac disease.
  • It helps to ease diarrhea. If you are taking an antibiotic that can lead to diarrhea, it will help minimize those symptoms.
  • It can reverse antibiotic resistance by building back the variety of bacteria in the gut.

Whenever there is a sterile environment and there are not enough good bacteria present, the bad bacteria will take over. A common side effect of taking antibiotics can be yeast infections. Continued use can lead to the antibiotics not working because there is an overgrowth of the pathogenic bacteria.  

According to the 5-element perspective, probiotics nourish the gold element. Along with eating alkalizing foods, incorporating more probiotics into your diet can heal the lungs and the large intestine. It can shift energy draining reactions of keeping it locked inside and grief. As the energy shifts from the abundance of good bacteria and the proper nutrients, we can transform our emotions into feelings of forgiveness, truth, and encouragement. In the wheelhouse of the gold element, you will also find the immune system and the lymph. This is a perfect symphony of probiotics coming to the rescue.

So where can we find foods that have high amounts of probiotics?

Here are some foods where you can find a medicinal amount of probiotics:

I found some information on foods that contain high amounts of probiotics that are not yogurt. Since I cannot digest dairy well and I know a lot of my clients will be in the same position I wanted to offer other options.

  1. Kimchi- if you’re out at an Asian restaurant you may find this on your plate, it is excellent for upping your probiotics. It is fermented cabbage with some garlic, salt, vinegar, and chili peppers.
  •  Sauerkraut- This pickled cabbage is one of my favorites. Some can’t stand the smell of it, but it makes my mouth water. The combination of brown rice and sauerkraut is one of my favorite side dishes.
  • Kombucha- An entertaining fermented tea drink that strengthens your immune system. I am fond of getting the lemon and ginger one for added benefits.

What are the benefits of Prebiotics? How are they different from Probiotics?

Prebiotics help to feed the friendly gut bacteria, since they can’t be broken down in the digestive system. The microbiome uses them as food, and it gains nutrients from them and aides in the growth of probiotics.

What foods are high in Prebiotics?

  1. Ground flaxseed- I read that flaxseed can go bad quickly, so you want to buy it whole and then grind in a coffee grinder and store in the fridge or freezer.
  2. Leeks- I have never tried leeks but after researching I found that they taste like onions. I love onions, so I want to give them a try. I know they would go great in a soup.
  3. Okra– Every time I think of okra, I have memories of living in the South. When I lived in Louisiana for a little bit, we would put them in the jambalaya, and it was delicious.
  4. Jicama- My favorite thing about jicama is its crunchy taste. It reminds me of an apple but not as sweet. I love grabbing crunchy food when I’m feeling a bit frustrated.

Do I really feel like Probiotics could help with improving digestion?


Probiotics are incredibly effective at improving digestive performance. They aide in balancing our bacteria ecosystem in our gut. When there is a plethora of good bacteria it can assist in killing off bad bugs and viruses. When our microbiome is balanced, it helps us to better absorb our nutrients because it’s killing off the critters that can get in our way while breaking down our food and absorbing it. Our digestive systems houses 60-70% of our immune systems, so an overgrowth of bad bacteria could mean a weakened immune system.

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