Do Eye Creams Really Work?

As a licensed esthetician, I often get the question if eye creams really work? I hesitate when answering this because the answer is, “Maybe.” All the creams in the world will not work if you don’t fix your internal triggers. I have tried some of the most expensive eye creams out there, they are only a temporary fix. Until I eliminated my food sensitives, drank more water, and reversed my iron deficiency did I see results. I compare it to teeth hygiene. You can’t use whitening strips and not brush your teeth! Your teeth may be white but they are still rotting and offending all in your path with your litter box breath. While some dark circles may be genetic a lot of them are signs that you are consuming some of your unknown food sensitivities, you lack iron, need more water, or you are consuming too much sodium.

What can eye creams help with?

Temporary tightening





What can’t eye creams do?

Get rid of dark circles for good

Permanently banish bags under the eyes

Reverse sunken in eyes

What to consider if you have dark circles under your eyes?

Order an IGG delayed food allergy panel to see if there are any food triggers that could be leading to your under eye circles.

Get your iron levels checked. This can cause dark circles and sunken in skin.

Are your eyes sunken in?

Overtime the skin underneath the eye can lose volume, increasing your amino acid intake can help with this. This is why collagen protein has become so common.

Wear your sunglasses, the sun can really age your eyes quickly.

Drink water! Drink half your body weight in water in ounces. So take your body weight and divide it by two to get your answer.

Check your iron levels here too, this could be another sign.

Are your eyes getting a lot of wrinkles?

You’re an expressive person! This isn’t a bad thing, but keep your hydration levels up.

If you are vegan, make sure you are getting enough oils. Rotate them: Coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, olive oil, etc…

Now that we have gone over some internal factors of under eye aging, let’s talk about ingredients in products!

When choosing a product you want to make sure your active ingredients are start at or before the third line. If the active ingredients are listed down at the bottom, it’s probably not very effective. Not all products are created equal and expensive is not always better.

What are the best ingredients if you’re struggling with dark under eye circles?

Vitamin C

Lactic acid



What are the best ingredients for sunken in eyes?

Hyaluronic acid



Plant stem cells

Best ingredients for under eye wrinkles?



Hyaluronic acid

Retin-A or Retinol

Stumped on which eye cream to get? Share your thoughts!

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